Welcome to Sole9®!!!

aboutusI am so grateful to you for visiting our site. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know us better.

As a little girl and now an adult, I have always cherished imagination and creativity. These valuable and empowering elements have continued to represent a significant role in my life as a woman, wife, daughter, sister, friend and actress daily.

Over the years, I have found incredible joy and sense of purpose from giving back to others within my community and volunteering to shine light on people and places that need it most.

I decided I wanted to start a collection that mattered and would provide an immediate impact on women in need throughout our country by developing a line of shoes as vibrant as the women who wear them.

With the loving support of a family in the shoe business for nearly four decades, I began my journey. My father advised me to “… stay true to what is in your minds’ eye and in your HEART.” From those words, SOLE9 was born. In the spirit of his advice, life-giving declarations echo innate beauty into the soles of our designs.

A portion of the profits from our shoes is used directly to put LOVE INTO ACTION. SOLE9 is committed to helping the many beautiful women in need right here in the USA. I believe it’s so important to live a GRATEFUL life every day, to share a positive and generous HEART ATTITUDE.

Please visit our Style That Gives Back page to learn more about how you can join us

Thank you and keep shining.